Veena Malik Served Defamation Notice of 500M By Ex-Husband Asad Bashir Khattak

Veena Malik
Source: Daily Pakistan

Asad Bashir Khattak, ex-husband of Veena Malik sent the film star a defamation notice of Rs. 500 Million for spreading lies against him on social media. The star allegedly moved her children to Pakistan from Dubai.

According to Khattak’s statements on social media he hasn’t met with his son Abram Asad and daughter Amal Asad for over a year. He took to Twitter requesting the US embassies in Pakistan and in Dubai to bring him justice; and to get his kids back to him.

The ex-husband confessed that Dubai court granted him his kids’ custody in June 2020, but they are still his ex-wife.

I was asked to be patient, and patient I was since the time of our divorce, claimed Asad,

but now this is a matter of my kids, and I love them a lot to let this go easily.

Asad started a hashtag of #JusticeforAsadKhattak later from his personal account, requesting his followers and the world to help him get his kids back, and to come out in support for him against his ex-wife Veena Malik.

He said his kids are US citizens and their names are in UAE’s exit control list, they could not have possibly escaped the country. Adding that his ex-wife unlawfully moved them to Pakistan and has kept them away since 26th September 2019.

The Sassi Punno actress hasn’t said much in her defense as yet, but shared some evidences on her Twitter account saying that according to the UAE government’s ruling kids stay in her custody. No statement has come forward regarding the defamation notice from Veena Malik.

The couple reportedly parted ways in 2017 and since then much has been said and done by Veena Malik on social and digital media against her husband.

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Twitteratis have also come out in support of Asad Bashir Khattak and are calling out Veena Malik for her injustice, sharing their views using the hashtag #VeenaMalikServed500M.

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