Lost In Translation: A Caricaturish Sculpture Of Allama Iqbal In Lahore Draws Ire From Pakistanis

Allama Iqbal sculpture Lahore
Image Source: Jahangir World Times/Twitter

A newly mounted sculpture of the great poet Allama Iqbal in Gulshan – e – Iqbal, Lahore has drawn attention of the Pakistani social media users due to the caricaturish nature of the artwork.

Source: Bol News

The newly placed statue of Allama Iqbal is currently one of the most talked about thing in Pakistan as far as the Twitter trends suggest. People have gone outright ruthless with their critique.

While some of them questioned the authorities for giving the park’s management permission on placing the sculpture, others asked if we don’t have better homegrown artists to do the job by reasoning that our leaders deserve better than this.

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It looks like the sculpture has hurt Pakistanis on such a deep level that they have even asked the management to get it removed.

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Meanwhile, some other citizens had to say that this is what happens when you’re running a little ‘low on the budget.’

And while the sculpture is the present butt of the jokes for Pakistanis, they’re busy making memes out of it.

However, amid all the hate and trolling, there were a few netizens who took time to see the sunny side up!

They highlighted how the sculpture is an artwork of the gardener’s of the park, adding that that they’re not professionals and that it’s just their love for the poet.

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