Christiano Ronaldo Makes Way For Hilarious Memes As He Prefers Water To Coca-Cola

Ronaldo coca cola memes
Image Source: DNA India

Portugal captain, Christiano Ronaldo sparked memes online when he ditched coca-cola bottles to drink water instead during a press conference at the Euros.

According to several media reports, Ronaldo’s stunt made the drinks giant suffer a loss of a whopping 4 billion dollars as the brand’s market value went from being worth 242 billion dollars to 238 billion dollars, triggering a 1.6% drop for the company’s stocks.

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Ronaldo, who is a fitness freak, removed coke bottles away from him to promote water over carbonated drinks to encourage people to opt for healthier lifestyles.

Global netizens got busy making memes soon after they got to know what Ronaldo did to Coca-cola sales, and let me tell you they’re painfully hilarious — IYKWIM!


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People rubbing it in Coca-Cola’s face!

In the wise and articulate words of Ronaldo – bring me Aguaaaa!

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Bring it on, ELON!

Ooh, that fall though!

Too many wicked people out there 😂

Trolling 101!

Ronaldo be like “Jal is life.”

Et tu, Ronaldo?

Boss maine apko bola kia hai?

Perfection definition of influencer marketing.


Coca-cola stonks!

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