Pakistanis Have A Field Day Making Memes As Airblue Kissing Incident Goes Viral

Airblue kissing
Image Source: The Current

On 20th May, a married couple on an Ariblue flight was found kissing during the journey, after which a passenger reported the incident because for him it was very nazeba.

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According to him, he didn’t get a positive response from the authorities he complained to.

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Half of the Pakistanis have been having a severe meltdown ever since the news went viral on social media, and the other half is having a field day on their meltdown. And with that, they have a perfect excuse to put out memes and jokes for quite an interesting situation.

In the midst of all of this social media frenzy, the complainant is taking most of the heat!

Let’s have a look at some of the best humor to come out of the Airblue kissing incident.

People are not going easy on the person who reported the incident.

When you have Cyclops’ mutant ability…

Ohho, asal party tau Airblue mein horahi thi 😂

Shadeed singles at the moment.

Firdous Ashiq Awan to the Airblue couple *giggles*

Accurate representation of the moral brigade lashing out at the couple.

Some of them are praising the Airblue air-hostess for giving the couple kissing mid-air a blanket to keep it under wraps.

Pakistanis can smell phadda from afar!

Jeena hai toh aise jiyo ki duniya yaad kare 😜

Laughs in SMQ!

Ekdum se waqt badal diye, jazbaat badal diye, zindagi badal di. 

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