French President, Emmanuel Macron Gets Slapped In The Face, Triggering A Global Barrage Of Memes

macron slap memes
Image Source: Twitter

French President, Emmanuel Macron was slapped in the face by a public person on Tuesday, which triggered whole lotta memes on Twitter.

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Macron was on his way to meet restaurateurs and school children to talk about life easing back to normalcy after COVID-19 pandemic. There he reached out to greet a man dressed in green t-shirt, who lunged forward to slap Macron hard in the face.

The security entourage promptly pulled the man away from the French President. Two people linked to the incident were quickly arrested afterward.

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The video of the scene soon went viral, sparking a meme fest for the global audience. People were absolutely overjoyed to see this moment, trying to give it a unique look with humor.

Some of them even related it to the time when US President George W. Bush got a shoe thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist, Muntadhar al-Zaidi.

A few of the individuals only wanted to have a good, hearty laugh!

Then there was a timeline of how many times French Presidents were attacked by their own people.

No memes are ever complete without Ertugrul Gazi references.

Macron dancing to the slap like…

‘Tis a good day for memes.

It’s like he asked for it, lol!

And slap them hard!

You said it.

Different versions of the slap!

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