Xulfi All Set To Revive Coke Studio 14 & We Just Cannot Contain Our Excitement

Xulfi Coke Studio
Image Source: Twitter, IMDB

It is official that ace musician Xulfi aka Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan will be producing this year’s Coke Studio (CS), Season 14, after replacing Rohail Hyatt as the official producer.


It all started to make sense when the official Twitter account of CS tweeted this “Zulfiqar J Khan Shuru Karain?”

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In March 2021, when Hyatt stepped down as CS’ producer, a follower asked him who should produce the next season? He replied saying it should be taken over by someone who is “excited” about it. Then he dropped Xulfi’s name as the best option for his replacement.

Last night, Xulfi made an official announcement on social media that he will indeed be joining Coke Studio for season 14, and this is way too exciting!

Xulfi is someone who has proved his mettle in the industry by producing some absolute gems, and he then consolidated everything with the ever famous Nescafe Basement and Battle of the Bands.

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You can actually place your bets on him for giving you music that touches your soul and tugs at your heartstrings.

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He has previously produced Hum Aik Hain under the banner of CS. Xulfi was also the composer and guitarist for the former rock band EP (Entity Paradigm). Fawad Khan was the lead vocalist for the band. He then joined Call the Band with Junaid Khan as the lead guitarist.

In his 27 year music journey, the composer has made audiences fall in love with his work a million times, and they absolutely trust him with CS.

Many of them just cannot contain their excitement!


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