Rabi Pirzada Offers Olive Branch To Maryam Nawaz With A Grand Portrait But It Seems PML-N Is Not Interested

Rabi Pirzada Maryam Nawaz
via Twitter

It’s no secret that Rabi Pirzada was never a fan of PML-N and its leaders and had been very vocal about her views about the political party on Twitter.

And all through this period, she had also remained a huge supporter of Imran Khan while criticizing the opposition every now and then.

However, for the past few months, the starlet had been lying low and had refrained from any sort of political tweets. Her otherwise politically active Twitter handle had gone inactive after private videos of the singer were leaked online forcing her to bid farewell to showbiz.

But it seems Pirzada is back and this time with switched political loyalties.

Once a die-hard PTI supporter, it seems like Rabi is now looking to seek PML-N’s support.

Now, we may be wrong but that’s what one can speculate after someone who was a full-on hater is suddenly all praise for a certain political party, no?

but it’s not just her praise of former Chief Minister Punjab, Sehbaz Sharif that has given rise to online conjecture. What has gained everyone’s attention is her recent tweet directed at Maryam Nawaz Sharif!

Rabi Pirzada recently made a grand portrait of Maryam Nawaz and sought her help. The singer tweeted that money made from the selling the portrait would be used to sponsor some poor families including differently-abled children.

We could be wrong but her tweet seems like the extension of an olive branch to the vice president of PML-N.

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Rabi also had a a rather sharp response for those criticizing her for painting Maryam Nawaz.

However, Maryam Nawaz has not yet responded to the plea put forward by Rabi Pirzada.

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We don’t know if Maryam Nawaz would respond to her or not but a lot of PML-N supporters are not in a mood to forgive and forget.


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