Pakistani Singer Rabi Pirzada Announces Departure From Showbiz After A Traumatic Weekend

pakistani rabi pirzada

After private images and videos of Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada were leaked online over the weekend, she found herself in the midst of a controversy that has left her traumatized.

Two days after the breach of her privacy, speaking to Independent Urdu, Rabi had shared through a text message that the scandal had left her deeply broken, making her empathize with women who commit suicide after being raped.

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On the same day, she had also put out a tweet, appealing to the human side of netizens to protect her dignity.

Taking to her Twitter handle, Pakistani starlet, Rabi Pirzada announced her departure from the showbiz industry.

“I, Rabi Pirzada announce that I will no longer be associated with showbiz. May Allah forgive my sins and may He soften people’s hearts towards me.”

-Rabi Pirzada

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Pirzada has filed a formal complaint with FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing and an investigation is currently underway.

We have nothing but the best of wishes for Rabi Pirzada and truly hope that she can one day move past this most traumatic chapter in her life.