10 People Who Are Absolutely Done With How IBA Handled Its Sexual Harassment Case

IBA sexual harassment
Image Source: GEO/Twitter

Pakistanis are fuming at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) for expelling its student, who publicly called out a sexual harassment incident on the university’s campus.

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Last month, a student named Mohammad Gibrail, took to social media to report an incident that he witnessed at the varsity where a female student was allegedly harassed by a male employee in a managerial position.

Almost a month after the exposé, the university decided to take action against the student for not following the SOPs with regard to filing a complaint against the incident. IBA’s official social media page published a detailed breakdown of their action and what led to the expulsion of Gibrail.

Apparently, the institute had to take disciplinary action against the complainant for not abiding by the rules, policies, and code of conduct of IBA. Basically, the varsity wanted the student to lodge a complaint to one of their offices and not report it on social media. So, that is what led to his expulsion and that has downright triggered the sentiments of many netizens.

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With this announcement, Pakistani Twitter went up in arms against the institute for giving leeway to harassers and silencing the victims of assault.

This step will only make things worse for women in the institute rather than the harassers, claim some.

One of the enraged users commented that the disciplinary action will only ruin the student’s future prospects just because he chose to speak up about sexual harassment.


With this action, the university has set a new precedent by declaring that speaking against harassment is a criminal offence. TSK!

Some of them are coming out in support of Gibrail by vouching for his competence and expressing that he did not deserve this.

What you get for calling a spade a spade!

Whereas, this hasn’t come as a surprise to others as they feel rape apologists are in abundance, while not many supporters here in the country.

They don’t wanna stop till he gets justice.

People are calling out the institute for its age-old tradition of protecting the harassers.

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