More Students Want Admission In IBA After Its Students Launch An Exclusive Dating App

IBA Dating App
Source: Facebook/Shareable

In a rather hilarious turn of events, the students of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) launched a dating app called UniDating, exclusively for IBA students. The dating app’s team made the announcement on a public group on Facebook.

IBA dating app
Source: Facebook

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“If you know how “Tinder” works then you are in for a treat,” read the announcement post, where the team also revealed that they had this under works for quite some time.

There’s a link in the now-viral post that takes you to the sign-up page where you can add in your details to login.

Source: Facebook

Looking at the virality of the news, it won’t be wrong to say that this announcement has rather piqued the interests of the masses. Students and professionals both from different walks of life had all sorts of comments to make on the post.

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While some were a little disappointed at what the Pakistani students were up to, others felt they missed the opportunity by graduating too soon.

And some believed this was a good time to ditch other universities for IBA.

dating app IBA
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Meanwhile, there were students who enlightened their friends about the “scope” of getting admission to the institute.

source: Facebook

Aaaand, there were the best of friends, who kept rooting for their mates at all times.

Source: Facebook

Some of them lowkey dropped hints for their fellows enrolled in IBA.

Source: Facebook

While some students were busy tagging one another underneath the post to try their luck at the dating app, there were others who had a whole business plan sorted out for themselves.

IBA dating
Source: Facebook

With Tinder being blocked in Pakistan, some netizens couldn’t resist the UniDating app’s temptation.

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