IBA Karachi Won’t Give Any “Leeway In Attendance” If Students Catch Coronavirus & WTF

IBA coronavirus
Source: Geo

The Institute of Business Administration or most commonly known as IBA Karachi just issued coronavirus SOPs guidelines that said it will not give students any “leeway in attendance” if they contract the novel virus.


As per the email sent to its students, the university shared a detailed document containing guidelines for the way forward as it is expecting to begin on-campus classes from September 15.

While the university administration encouraged the students to take preventive measures for curbing the spread of the virus, they also warned their students that “absences allowed for a course as per policy will remain in force and no exception on medical grounds will be given.”

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And for obvious reasons, students are super pissed at IBA Karachi for this ridiculous coronavirus policy!

Nvm, but we’re forced to ask if it is a publicity stunt because who in their right mind could issue such absurd guidelines?!

Someone tell them the goal is to limit the spread of coronavirus and they’re about to do the exact opposite.


What’s the point of SOPs if you forcefully ask coronavirus patients to be present physically?!

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Students are demanding action against the varsity for their irresponsible behavior amid the pandemic.


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