Pakistanis Defended Asad Umar After His Dance Video At A Mehndi Went Viral

Asad Umar dance video
Image Source: YouTube

Last night, on Twitter, Pakistanis came to defend the Minister for Planning and Development, Asad Umar, after someone shared his dance video with a demeaning caption.

The senior journalist Shafi Naqi Jamie tried to take a dig at Umar for dancing his heart out at a family event. It later turned out to be a two year old footage from his son’s Mehndi.

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The Pakistani Twitter did not understand the condescending tone of the tweet, hence they immediately pointed out to the user that there was nothing wrong in enjoying a private event. They exclaimed that the Minister was literally shaking a leg with his wife at his own son’s wedding, and now who doesn’t do that?

Many people on the internet could even relate to his energy, saying that their dads exuded the same vibes at weddings.

“Screw these bullcrap critics. Dance away” wrote a user.

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Lawyer and activist, Jibran Nasir expressed that he expected better from senior journalists because Pakistan has graver problems that need their attention.

“Isn’t this supposed to be normal? Everyone dances at weddings. Plus this is a personal family event, unethical to post this video. Thanks,” commented digital journalist, Zain Khan.

Others just appreciated the Minister’s dance skills.

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