Waliya Najib’s Dance With Husband Faizan Sameer On Umair Jaswal’s Gagar is LIT!

Waliya Najib dance gagar
Via Instagram

Photographer and Social media influencer Waliya Najib recently shared a dance video of her with husband Faizan Sameer on Instagram. The two can be seen dancing to Umair Jaswal’s recent release for Velo Sound station-Gagar!

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And what perfect sync!


Can you tell by them perfectly synchronized moves that this was prepared in an hour on the last day? We bet you can’t!


The social media sensation shared in a post,

Gagar 💃

After procrastinating for a month we made this in an hour on the last day😂 But we knew we had to dance on Gagar at #zaza the day it came out😍 Sorry for the video but this is the only one I haveeee💕

#zaza @faizan.sameer

@umairjaswalofficial 🎶

If you’re bored in a house, in a house bored, missing out on all those weddings this season, well you’re doing the right thing. You can totally watch Waliya Najib and Faizan’s dance sequence on Gagar on loop and have fun.

Via YouTube

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Waliya and Faizan absolutely love dancing, and the two keep sharing their Tik Toks and dance videos from time to time, which is a complete visual treat.

The moment Gagar was released, we knew this was a perfect dance song. And look we can now see people dancing to it. And we kid you not, seeing them twirl and clap and sing and jump so seamlessly made us want to dance along as well.


Waliya and Faizan got married in July this year in an intimate wedding ceremony. The influencer did not invited many guests to her wedding, following the strict SOPs during that time. Their wedding photos got quite viral and it was a dream wedding we tell you.

Via Instagram


Waliya Najib and Faizan Sameer’s dance on Gagar is fun, right? Let us know what you think in the comments below.