Pakistani Youtubers Every Pakistani Should be Following


Remember the almost three year ban on YouTube? We hated that time because one day we had unlimited access to millions of videos and the next day it was withdrawn without consent – and that too by our own government!

While most of us were upset as viewers, the biggest victims of the infamous ban were in fact rising YouTube stars from Pakistan.

It takes a lot of guts to just put yourself out there. However, imagine being in the shoes of a person who took this brave step, met with appreciation and just when s/he had started to accumulate a fan following the government decided to ban the one medium that could have made them an international sensation! Just close your eyes and imagine the disappointment!

Luckily Youtube has been back for well over two years now and Pakistanis are quickly getting back into the game.

So, to show my support to these cool dudes and dudettes  (does anyone even say “dudesttes” any more?!) I decided to do a piece on my most favourite Pakistani Youtubers. Watch glimpses of their content below and if you like what you see then SUBSCRIBE and show your support!

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In no particular order, here they are!

Metal Gamers

These guys pick famous video games, especially those featuring global icons such as Captain America, Hulk, John Snow etc. and create hilarious scenarios with their dubbing. The funniest moments in their content comprise of pop culture references that every Pakistani will thoroughly enjoy! As Exhibit A, watch the video below!

Ahmed Sher Zaman

With over 19,000 followers this YouTube Channel is run by a young guy of Pakistani origin. He does a variety of videos including vlogs, challenges and pranks. The content is most entertaining and Zaman’s gleeful take on the world around him is a lot of fun to watch! Highly recommended.

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BrownGirl Problems1

Another Youtuber of Pakistani origin who’s on this list is Browngirl Problems1. The videos on this channel often take hilarious digs at the lifestyle of desi people living in UK. However, not once has her humour crossed a line that would potentially offend anyone. This channel already has a huge fan following with over 100,000 subscribers and I would definitely ask you guys to give it a watch!

Labib Yasir

Labib is yet another guy of Pakistani origin who makes a variety of videos that range from vlogs to reactions. The videos on this channel give a fun reflection of the life of an average kid raised in a desi family outside South Asia. There’s a lot that Pakistanis can relate to. He’s just a few subscribers short of 56,000 so if you enjoy watching the video below, don’t forget to subscribe!

Zaid Ali

This guy is already huge with more than half a million subscribers on his channel and I’m sure most of you are already well aware of his work. Zaid’s videos are a laugh-out-loud fest and can make a blue day suddenly brighter.

I really hope you guys enjoyed these Pakistani – or at least almost Pakistani – Youtubers as much as I enjoy their content. Support Pakistan(i) and subscribe!