Pakistani Twitter Up In Arms As CII Reviews Domestic Violence Bill 2021

Domestic violence bill 2021/women violence/Mahira Khan joins commonwealth to combat domestic violence
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The domestic violence bill 2021 that was recently approved by the National Assembly has been referred to the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) for review after objections were raised on it as it criminalized domestic abuse.

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Adviser to the Prime Minister on Parliamentary Affairs, Babar Awan was the one to put forward the suggestion.

The general public, however, was full of praise for the bill that stated the crime and its punishments in detail. The bill does not just protect women against domestic violence. It states that any vulnerable person (which includes the elderly, people with disabilities, or those with illnesses) child or any person in a domestic relationship can come forward with a complaint.

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The bill clearly states that domestic abuse shall be punishable with imprisonment with a maximum period of three years and not less than six months. The perpetrator will have to pay a fine of 100,000 and a minimum of Rs20,000 shall be paid as compensation to the victim.

After the bill was passed, people from different segments of the society protested against the proposal as they believed it’s against Islamic injunctions. Following the hue and cry, the bill was moved to the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) — a constitutional body that advises the legislature to review whether or not the domestic violence bill 2021 is compliant with Islamic teachings.

As the bill is under review, Pakistanis have taken to Twitter to speak up against those who think the bill is controversial.

This woman here spelled out in clear terms what is the bill about and how it is completely valid.

Meanwhile, others raised their concerns over the unjustified objections.

On the other hand, women are exhausted demanding basic human rights!

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