Rapist Usman Mirza Taken Into Custody After His Video Went Viral, But People Are Still Enraged

Rapist Usman Mirza
Image Source: Pk Nama

On social media, there’s a video doing rounds of a guy named Usman Mirza, barging into a room, physically torturing and sexually assaulting a man and a woman in Islamabad.

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The horrific incident took place a few months ago, but it recently became a trend on the bird app when its video went viral.

In the video, it can be seen that predator Mirza forced the victims to strip off their clothes, only to assault them later on.

While Mirza was doing the vicious deed, one of the persons who accompanied him recorded, the whole scene.

#ArrestUsmanMirza became one of the top trends on Twitter, as outraged Pakistanis demanded the gravest repercussion for the culprit.

Soon after, senior journalist, Mubashir Zaidi confirmed his arrest.

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However, Pakistan’s citizens, especially its women, are done feeling unsafe in this country – inside their homes, FGS! They want the law enforcement agencies to make an example out of this person. Not only are they demanding his public hanging but a public castration too.

Women in this country have had enough and their anger, frustration, fear, and lament is completely justified. There needs to be an end to this wehshi-pan.

The reason this continues to happen is that people like Usman Mirza get leeway in our country and a few bucks rishwat gets them out of the jail. People believe the law-making authorities need to eradicate this rape culture in our country.

Monsters like Mirza need to be called out; we need to believe the survivors of assault and stop putting the onus of being raped on them. About time we put an end to this.

Many of them have even requested users to not share the video of the incident to keep the anonymity of the survivors intact.

How do you think we can put an end to the rape culture in Pakistan? Share your thoughts in the comments below.