Deadly Blast At A Madrassa In Peshawar Leaves Pakistanis Distressed

peshawar blast
Source: Dawn

Tuesday morning in Pakistan commenced on a very dark note as a bomb explosion at the Jamia Zuberia Madrassa – a children’s seminary – in Dir Colony, Peshawar left at least seven dead and more than 70 injured.

According to initial reports, “5-6 kilogrammes of explosive material was used in the blast.”

The area has been cordoned off as the police carries rescue operation and collects evidence. As of now, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

This morning’s blast in Peshawar has once again re-opened old wounds inflicted by the 2014 massacre in Army Public School.

How low does one have to be to attack children…

Prayers pour in for the victims and their families and timely calls are being made by netizens to avoid posting graphic visuals.

After years of anti-terrorism operations in the country and at a time when many believed Pakistan had finally entered the post-terrorism era, the news has left many wondering if safety is still a far cry.

Six years on when Pakistan still can’t forget the trauma of APS attack, Peshawar mourns another attack on children.

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Inevitably, there is a deep-rooted sense of anger that is closely linked to the state’s inability to curb extremist outfits.

May this be the last time we grieve the loss of our children at the hands of mindless, vile acts of terror.