Nimra Ali Is Back To Cheer You Guys Up & I Know Your Day Is Already Made!

nimra ali
Source: City 42 News

Remember, last week video of this Lahori girl Nimra Ali blessed our timelines with her lively personality and people couldn’t help but want more of this happy-go-lucky soul!

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Well, get ready to make your Thursday amazing because Nimra Ali is back with yet another power pack interview that’ll make you want her see hosting her own show!

This is how you make the dabang entry!

Nawaz Sharif is her favourite politician and she wants Imran Uncle to learn from him!

Don’t you just love how genuine she is?!

Listen to this talented girl singing here and doing Hania Aamir a favour by making her famous!

No kidding!

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Her excitement on camera is 100x wholesome!

She’s unbeatable you guys!

Motivation for the rest of the week!

Can we please let Nimra run the rest of 2020, please!

We can’t thank her enough for breaking the depressing stream of despair online!

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