Modi Gets Trolled After A Parrot Repeatedly Rejects The Indian Prime Minister

modi parrot

A video of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone viral on the internet where a parrot repeatedly refuses his advances.

On his two-day visit to Gujrat, Narendra Modi was taking a tour of the Jungle Safari after inaugurating the Sardar Patel Zoological Park.

While taking the tour, a mascaw left him embarrassed after refusing to hop on his arm again and again.

Modi is now getting savagely trolled online for this amusing moment with parrot captured on camera!

Can’t expect less from the Indian media!

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After Adnan Sami got exposed, someone else had to be appointed!

Lol, watch it again only to focus on Modi‘s expressions.

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Birds are wise creatures!

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Pretty please!

People are now concerned for the parrot!

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