Fawad Chaudhry & His Replies To Ansar Abbasi Tweets Might Just Be The Antidote To Your Monday Blues!

ansar abbasi fawad chaudhry
Source: Twitter / Pakistan Today

Journalist Ansar Abbasi is quite literally the Inspector General of the moral police on Twitter and lately he’s been extremely worked-up seeing – well – women in media.

Yeah, that’s really it, that’s what his recent outrage has been about.

And just as Ansar Abbasi has become invested in correcting the wrong that is the on-screen presence of women, Fawad Chaudhry, it seems has taken it upon himself to become Abbasi’s arch nemesis.

Yeah, we’ve a lot going on, Abbasi sahab. What women choose to wear, on or off-screen, is really not the biggest problem plaguing Pakistan.

I mean it’s not even the top 100 issues, man! Get your priorities right!

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We wonder? 🤔

Take notes Abbasi sahab!

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A reality check would be great!

Makes sense! No?

Spot on Ch sahab!

The exchange between the two tweeps goes wayyy back! Anddd we stan Fawad Chaudhry for this job that he has voluntarily taken up!

In the end, just a lil advice for Ansar Abbasi: don’t embarrass yourself anymore, please!


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