Twitter Bursts With Memes After Kylie Jenner Pulled Off This 2000s Look For Latest Photoshoot

kylie jenner
Source: The Things

The makeup magnate Kylie Jenner recently announced “The Leopard Collection” sharing pictures from the photoshoot.

The pictures have been doing round on the internet and there’s a high chance you might’ve come across one without realising it’s Kylie.

Or maybe you did but got lost like this user!

This one look from the photoshoot in which Kylie Jenner sports kohl rimmed eyes and glossy lips has left the Twitter bursting with hilarious memes!

You’ll know why but you’ll have to look at the memes first!

1. Kylie might wanna collaborate with Dabur after this.

2. Is this her trick to officially enter the Asian market?

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3. Or maybe she also secretly crushes over Kareena Kapoor?!

4. Beauty parlours now have a new face for their ads.

5. I bet even she won’t be able to recognise herself!

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6. Hahaha… these memers have literally nailed it with each and every edit.

7. This is grape!

If you don’t get it… you don’t belong here!

Have some more memes from the latest photoshoot of Kylie Jenner? Share in the comments below!