Memes On Bernie Sanders’ Mittens At The Biden-Harris Inauguration Are A Total Mood!


He got the mittens, according to the Washington Post, from Jen Ellis, a second-grade teacher in Vermont. As a side hustle, Ellis and a partner began making mittens years ago and sent Bernie a pair of them one fine day but it wasn’t the end of the story!

When a gazillion photos were taken at the inauguration, everyone’s attention was captured by one: Bernie Sanders looking cold and casual, sitting in the stands, and social distancing from others.

Source: Complex

It was a mood that we can all relate to when we stood out from the crowd by sitting down. And his mood was translated into memes in a couple of hours and, of course, we shortlisted some of them for you.

Can you hurry up a bit mom!!!

Sanders could have played the role better for Bran Stark, too bad…

It’s like they don’t even know that we are in a Global Pandemic!!!

Unfortunately, we can’t go to concerts with this pandemic on the loose.

This is so cool, Deadpool x Bernie Sanders. Can’t wait to see Sanders in Deadpool 3.

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He’d be spying on him to see if he ain’t giving away the launch codes.

These ones are just hilarious!

Lets see if you can find Bernie Sanders. I bet you can’t.