Meesha Shafi Vs Ali Zafar: 8 Tweets That Sum Up Why Women Prefer Silence To Fighting For Justice

ali zafar meesha shafi
Source: IMDB / Pakistan Today

In a recent development in the Ali Zafar vs Meesha Shafi case, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)’s Cyber Crime Wing booked nine people, including the singer herself, for alleged defamation.

These 8 tweets aptly outline why women fear standing against those who violate them and fighting for justice.

1. Because the law which is supposed to protect us is quite often used to threaten us.

2. The morality of the survivor is always more hotly debated than the alleged offender’s…

3. The balance of power favours the offender.

4. Women prefer to remain silent because it’s always us who “take the wrong route,” “roam late at night,” “wear the wrong attire,” OR – the mother of all excuses, “don’t seek the permission of men before venturing out.” It’s never the offender’s fault; he’s never really accountable.

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5. When the voices of the most privileged and empowered women are being stifled, what hope is there for you and I?

6. Because public shaming of survivors was not proving quite enough.

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7. Women might be ready to speak, but men are in no mood to hear.

8. The state and the society wants visual evidence but women don’t roam around with GoPros. Naturally, the woman is once again at fault.

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