Mahwash Ajaz Apologised To Ali Zafar Over The Meesha Shafi Case & Twitterati Are Lost!

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Source: Brandsynario

Ever since Meesha Shafi came forward with allegations of sexual harassment against fellow musician, Ali Zafar, acclaimed blogger-cum-entertainment critic, Mahwash Ajaz had been at the forefront to support Shafi.

That is…until yesterday!

On Tuesday, Ajaz took to the micro-blogging site, Twitter to offer an apology, stating that she was taking back all her tweets against Mr. Zafar and those associated with him.


And since then, all Twitterati want is to know what made her take a one-eighty.


But to everyone is surprised that she didn’t include any details and only wrote “…you will see why I’m writing what I’m writing.”

Deeply regret and sad abt the pain I’ve caused Ali Zafar and his family. As some incidents have revealed, and as court proceedings are on the way in the case and more facts come forward, you will see why I’m writing what I’m writing.

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Without going into any details, she tweeted that during court proceedings more facts came forward that made her change her stance.

She further criticised the “cancel culture” that ends up destroying the careers.

People were quick to call out Mahwash Ajaz for shifting her loyalty from Shafi to Zafar so suddenly.

Many are reminding her of the fact that not just Meesha but other survivors also shared their stories, saying that her response was “exclusionary.”

Mahwash Ajaz is facing a colossal amount of criticism for holding back information that made her apologize to Ali Zafar.

Owing to all the criticism that Mahwash once again took to Twitter to clarify her position.

We’re not sure what made Mahwash Ajaz change her mind. All we know is that answers instead of cryptic tweets from the blogger are in order.

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