These 17 Tweets After The Lahore Motorway Incident Will Hit Hard

motorway incident lahore/Mufti Qavi
Source: Independent

These 17 tweets neatly sum-up the lingering sense of insecurity and fear that has only amplified among Pakistani women after the Lahore Motorway rape incident.

1. Will we ever teach men to respect bodily integrity ya sara bhashan aurtoon ke leye hai?

2. It’s the price that every women pay for simply existing…

3. Will men ever be ready to listen, take responsibility and change themselves?

4. It’s every woman’s story! We face it everyday!

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5. Someone explain this to CCPO Lahore…!

6. Is this the Riyasat-e-Madina that we were promised?

7. We have to teach our boys to respect EVERY woman and not just their mothers, and sisters.

8. We may be able to move past this but will the lives of the survivors ever be the same?

9. Then we might not hear shit like “yeh sab sirf dramoon main hota hai, haqeeqat mein nahi…”! (all of this is just fiction and not reality!)

10. We really need to consider our choice of words to shift the narrative!

11. If Lahore can be called Dubai for its development then why can’t it be “France” where women can go out at night without fearing abuse or rape?

12. NO victim blaming!

13. Women have literally become immune to harassment because zinda rehna hai tou adapt tou karna paray ga! WTF seriously!

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14. Will we ever be treated equally in this society?

15. Can men please stop preaching and start learning how to behave?

16. How difficult is this to comprehend?!

17. This is basically every woman in Pakistan right now…

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