Kubra Khan Clears The Air Around The Controversy Of Unfollowing PM Imran Khan On Twitter

Kubra Khan PM
Image source: Instagram/ Twitter

A local media recently highlighted that Parwaaz Hai Junoon actor, Kubra Khan, recently unfollowed PM Imran Khan on social media, and things blew a little out of proportion.

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Alif actor who has resoundingly supported the Premier in the past found the story a little irksome.

Despite her strong political stance for the ruling government, the news media outlet alleged that Khan had unfollowed PM because of her changing political affiliations. She did not approve of how the news had a negative connotation to it.

The 27-year-old took to Twitter to call out the news broadcasting channel for unnecessarily spicing things up.

“I am and will always be one of the biggest supporters of Imran Khan, I don’t need to follow him on ‘social media’ to show my support,” she tweeted.

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Not only Kubra, but her followers also expressed their agitation over media outlets making a story out of something that isn’t even newsworthy.

“See what these news channels do?! Absolute no sense of journalism. Just directing all the hate towards someone so unproblematic. Aur apni awaam ko toh mauka chaiye hota hai violent hone k liye. WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS HEADLINE EVEN??? They literally changed the entire context…” wrote one user.

Since this news got highlighted so much, Kubra Khan actually gave clarification regarding reports of unfollowing PM Imran. She appeared at Vasay Chaudhry’s show Ghabrana Mana Hai and explained that she unfollowed the prime minister because she is not interested in following political news.

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