After An Abusive Video Against Muhajir Community, This Man Had His Software Majorly Updated!

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This year’s monsoon season has been about Karachi and the decades worth of neglect that has turned the entire city into a gigantic swamp!

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The hot debate that started with angry tirades against the provincial government – read PPP – has now transformed into a political wrangle between Karachiites themselves!

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A huge segment of the city’s over 14 million residents believe making Karachi a separate province is the only way to solve the metro pole’s lingering issues.

In an attempt to counterstroke the make-Karachi-a-separate province debate, a dimwit – named Jeetu Jamali – uploaded a video hurling galiaan at the Muhajir community.


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Only if you REALLY want to, please go ahead and watch this Jeetu guy’s despicable bakwas.

But thankfully for every Jeetu Jamali there are scores of sane people ready to condemn hate speech.

Twitterati were quick to call him a troll and drew links with PPP sharing old pictures with its leaders.

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The viral video gathered enough flak to warrant – what is commonly known as – a software update!

And there you have it! Jeetu Jamali apologizing to his “muhajir brothers and sisters!”

Our final thoughts on Jeetu Jamali? Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so…👇

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