Guys, Chill Out! Manghopir Crocodiles Have Not Escaped The Shrine After Heavy Rains

karachi crocodiles
via Twitter @Shah_Rizvi97

Social media is all abuzz with visuals pouring from Karachi following destructive monsoon rains exposing the development claims that have no basis in reality.

O, and with every event there comes fake news!


Now, don’t tell me you didn’t expect videos/pictures of a shark swimming across the inundated areas of the metropole.


But people are getting smart and didn’t stretch it that far! They simply brought the famous crocodiles of the Manghopir shrine out in the loose!

Aamir Liaquat Hussain also shared the picture of one of the crocodiles chilling in the flooded city and warned the residents of Surjani Town, Khuda Ki Basti, and Nayi Karachi.

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The crocodile became a celebrity in no time and even made an appearance on TV.

But turns out the reptile was casually chilling somewhere in the Philippines totally unaware of his popularity in a foreign country’s cyberspace.

If you’re still scared, here’s Sindh Wildlife dismissing the news as baseless.

Now, you can get back to trolling the authorities for not giving a damn about Karachi because the crocodiles are on your side. 😉


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