Only 30% Of People Can Pass This Random Knowledge Quiz, Are You One Of Them?


Not many people can pass this extremely difficult random knowledge quiz. Do you think you got what it takes to pass the test.

What's the name of this adorable, mouse-like mascot of the Pokémon series?

Pikachu Pokémon Wiki
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How many cities are in Pakistan?

Country Flags
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What does GPU stand for?

GPU EE Times Asia
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What is the name of the powerhouse of the cell?

Mitochondria ThoughtCo
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What is the symbol for gold according to the periodic table of elements?

Gold Bars Forbes
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What is the generation of people born between 1946 and 1964 called?

Generations Timeline Animated Book Baby Blog
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Identify this logo

Volkswagen Cars Logo
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In Japan, especially the feudal periods, a military commander is known by name?

Japanese Samurai Britannica
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Which element of the periodic table is named after the sun?

Sun B&H
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How long is a fortnight?

calendar Clip Art Library
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Only 30% Of People Can Pass This Random Knowledge Quiz, Are You One Of Them?

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It looks like we’ve found ourselves a budding Trivia Master! You got most of these questions right which is amazing. You racked your brain and it paid off with this great score!
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