The Golden Statue Boy In Islamabad Gets NOC To Entertain Isloo-ites Some More

golden statue boy islamabad
Image Source: Twitter

Muhammad Ehsan, a young boy who hails from Karachi, migrated to Islamabad in search of a job to fend for himself and his family. Failing to find a rozi even after consistent efforts and attempts, Ehsan decided to try something on his own rather than succumbing to life’s hardships.

When he couldn’t find a solution to his woes, Ehsan made a plan to dress up as the “Golden Statue boy” to entertain the people of Islamabad with his antics. He donned a bronze-goldish attire, held a gun in his hand, and finished off the complete look with a beret and pair of black sunglasses.

The Golden statue boy then roamed around on the roads of Islamabad and carried out funny activities, along with pretending to be still as a statue to entertain the Isloo-ites. In return, the locals handed him over some money for putting on a great show.

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People were heavily mesmerized by his presence and since it was something unusual for them, they thoroughly enjoyed everything that he did. But, unfortunately, the Islamabad District administration issued a ban on his activities. When the locals learned about the development they got up in arms with the district office and asked to bring him back. They were of the opinion that if he’s not hurting anybody, then why on Earth did the admin walas ask him to leave(?)!


After much hue and cry, the Islamabad district office notified that Ehsan, aka the Golden statue boy, had been given a NOC to continue to entertain the people of the capital.

And yay!

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