A Man Got Picked Up By The Police In Lahore & Their Reason Of Arrest Will Shock You!

man arrested in lahore
Image Source: Twitter

A woman on twitter named Natasha Javed narrated a shocking account of a man (who also happens to be her friend), who was allegedly arrested by the police in Lahore at 3 am in the night.

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Her friend, Abuzar after being picked up, had to spend a night at the Model Town police station of the city.

The alleged reason of his arrest will absolutely shock you and make you reflect on the functioning of the police system here in Pakistan.

Javed, who is a child rights advocate in Lahore, wrote that her friend had been arrested at that time of the day for keeping long hair. LONG HAIR, I repeat!

The child rights advocate shared how the law enforcement officers stopped Abuzar while he was waiting for a rickshaw, asked for his CNIC, and then forcefully put him in the police van.

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Completely taken aback by the situation at hand, the artist kept enquiring why he had been taken into custody? Officers told him that he’ll get to know once they reach the police station.

After much insistence, they allegedly told him that his appearance was the reason of his arrest, and that he was out on the streets at 3 am. Because, how dare he?

Abuzar tried to explain to them he’s a teacher, but they did not relent.

They were adamant on allegedly keeping him locked up for a day, only to teach him a lesson for having long hair and being out in the night, waiting for a rickshaw.

Abuzar, while in custody reached out to his friends on Facebook to “seek legal support.” The next day, they helped him bailout.

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