Cast A Movie And We’ll Reveal If The Movie Will Be A Blockbuster Or A Flop

Movie Quiz
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This action packed quiz will reveal if your movie will be a hit or a flop, all you have to do is cast your favorite Pakistani actors.

Pick your female protagonist.

Maniha Kifayat Ali
sajal aly mehndi
hira mani

Pick your male protagonist.

Fawad Khan |
Faysal Quraishi

Pick your female antagonist.

Saba Qamar
hania aamir
Naveen Waqar
minal khan

Pick your male antagonist.

Feroze Khan
Bilal Abbas Khan
ahsan khan
Imran Ashraf

Pick your female supporting character.

Aiman Khan
comedy in pakistan Bushra Ansari
urwa hocane

Pick another female supporting character.

sanam baloch
Yumna Zaidi
Ayesha Omar/ ayesha omar future son
Sarah Khan

Pick your male supporting character.

Danish Taimoor
humayun saeed sastay jugaars
Ahad Raza Mir Ehd-e-Wafa

Pick another male supporting character.

Yasir Hussain
Sami Khan
Arsalan Jamshed Ali (Farhan Saeed)
Nabeel Zuberi

Cast A Movie And We’ll Reveal If The Movie Will Be A Blockbuster Or A Flop
Major Blockbuster


Your movie is going to be a huge hit with all these amazing actors. You should be an actual casting director because you have an eye for talent.
Huge Flop

Andy Samberg Thumbs Down Loser

Unfortunately, your movie is going to flop miserably. It's just because the actors you chose don't get along very well, so the chemistry in the movie will be missing.

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