Farooq Bandial – A Rapist Publicly Shamed At Last!

Farooq Bandial

Farooq Bandial is a politician from Punjab who isn’t known much for his political contributions but for being convicted of raping the retired movie star, Shabnam. He was clearly not in the social media spotlight before Thursday when PTI made an announcement about him being the latest addition to the party.

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Farooq Bandial enjoyed “good” fame hardly for a few hours as his handshake with Imran Khan almost simultaneously led to a Twitter outrage by party supporters and non-supporters alike.



Following unprecedented public pressure, Farooq Bandial was fired from the party by chairman Imran Khan within hours of his joining.

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However, many remained unconvinced that PTI leadership was unaware of Bandial’s history as a rapist before he was welcomed into the party. 


Some couldn’t believe what was going on and got very sarcastic!

PTI leader, Shireen Mazari sent out this tweet with what is being claimed is “incorrect information,” complicating the matter unnecessarily.

PML-N supporters instantly took it upon themselves to “get the facts straight.”

Of course, Imran Khan also received a lot of applause from his supporters!


So, Farooq Bandial isn’t part of PTI anymore but this incident left a big question mark on PTI’s integrity as a political force. Are they just looking for electables? Have they bid farewell to morals and ethics? Is PTI really just a washing machine for the corrupt?

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For us the most satisfying part of the fiasco was that a rapist was publicly humiliated after almost 30 years of committing a heinous crime for which he was disturbingly pardoned.

May Farooq Bandial spend the remainder of his life humiliated, shamed and shunned!

What is your take on the whole Farooq Bandial episode?