Doctors Say Children Born To Educated Mothers Are Healthier & It’s Time To Send Your Daughters #BackToSchool

infant mortality pakistan
Source: Daily Times

One of the leading causes contributing towards the large number of out-of-school around the world is the incidence of child marriages.

Pakistan has the 6th highest number of child brides in the world with 21% being married before their 18th birthday and 3% before reaching the age of 15 years!

Uneducated or less educated women are less likely to access healthcare (both for themselves and later their children) and have far fewer avenues to upward social and economic mobility compared to women who have received at least 12 years of sustained education.

According to a United Nations report, Pakistan has the highest infant mortality rate in the world. 1 out of every 5 babies born in Pakistan dies within the first month of birth.

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Education helps women to make better and informed decisions about the health, hygiene and nutrition of their children.

Due to the prevalent coronavirus situation in the country, Pakistan today needs educated daughters more than ever before.

Doctors advocate that at least 12 years of education empowers women to make better health decisions that in return help reduce high infant mortality rates and lead to healthier communities.

After the six month long break due to coronavirus, schools in Pakistan are reopening in phases. However, owing to widespread poverty triggered by the pandemic, it is feared that a large majority of Pakistani girls will never return to their classrooms again.

In this situation while it is extremely important for parents to prioritize their girl-child’s education, it is also equally important for the federal and provincial governments to introduce programs aimed at ensuring the safe return of girls in the most impoverished areas of the country back into the classrooms.

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