8 Things About Parenting I Learnt From Naseeb Jamal Of Qasba Colony Karachi That I Would Teach My Children

naseeb jamal karachi
Source: Urdu News

Naseeb Jamal, a resident of Qasba Colony Karachi, who runs an appliances repair shop has trained all eight of his daughters in repairing electronics.

He didn’t pay any heed to the criticism that followed from his community when he brought his daughters to the shop. Today, all of his daughters have become a pros!

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While watching the video of Naseeb Jamal from Karachi, I was moved enough to actually take notes and jot down 8 things that I’d want to teach my children as a parent.

1. Ignore the whispers and the taunts that stop you from doing what you believe is best for your kids.

2. Empower your kids with all the basic life skills that you can teach them.


3. No job is just a man’s job and vice versa!

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4. Treat your sons and daughters alike in all aspects of life.


5. Shut down the voices that express pity over your daughter’s birth by empowering them at par with your sons!

6. Kill the “loug kya kahain gy” fear and let your kids thrive in whatever passion they choose to pursue as professionals.

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7. It’s time to put an end to stereotypical gender roles. Even sky is not the limit!

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8. Trust your children and they’ll never let you down!

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