COVID-19: People Are Panic Buying Instead Of Social Distancing Around The World

panic buying
Via Twitter

People around the world are panic buying and stockpiling daily supplies in fear of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

While the governments and shopkeepers around the globe have assured the public that they are working in collaboration to keep the shelves well-stocked. In addition to that, they have also requested the citizens to be mindful of others and stop panic buying.

According to the reports, items including toilet paper, hand sanitiser, pasta and tinned foods are among those that have been in short supply.

People are sharing staggering visuals from their countries that show how crazy this panic buying has gone!

People are piling up toilet papers out of the fear of the coronavirus pandemic.

People are literally plundering and pillaging toilet paper from each other.

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While many have come forward to request people to stop hoarding basic supplies as it is affecting those who cannot afford to buy in bulk.

People need to understand that buying stuff in bulk will not make them prevent coronavirus.

And now people from Pakistan are also reporting panic buying as they face a shortage of hand sanitizers and masks.

And while there is a shortage, shopkeepers have increased the price of the products that are high in demand.

What people need to understand here is the fact that they are being instructed to social distancing to avoid falling victim to the deadly virus. It does not mean that the market will run out of stock in a flash.

This behavior is only adding to the problem and will make the already vulnerable suffer even more. If people won’t stop piling stocks at home then the supply-demand chain will be disrupted leading to the unavailability of the products.