This Amazing Politician From Faisalabad Is Promising To Make Petrol From Water!


The general elections are supposed to take place this year. Needless to say all the political parties are flexing their campaigning muscles and the season of lofty promises and political barkain is upon us.

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Mainstream political leaders have already started actively maligning each other on any and every platform available to them. But they are not the only ones who’re gearing up for Elections 2018. Lesser known local politicians are also making media appearances to get into campaign mode. One, Dr. Moazzam Niazi  – chairperson of Pakistan Aman Party – from Faisalabad is among these local political leaders.

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However, Dr. Moazzam Niazi is not looking to become an MPA or MNA. He’s not even interested in the Chief Minister’s position. This gentleman is eyeing the Prime Minister’s office and it seems he will settle for nothing less!

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It is true that most of you might not have heard his name until just now. However, once you hear his eloquent oration, we’re quite certain that you, too, will become his loyal fans just like Fasi Zaka.

After becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan Dr. Moazzam Niazi  promises to make petrol free for the entire country.

How, you ask? Well, apparently, he and his team have discovered a new formula through which petrol can be produced solely by using water and solar energy!

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No it doesn’t end there! The Chairperson of Pakistan Aman Party has another good news for us all: he can make sugar using any fruit – and of course solar energy! And that’s not all; no sir! The sugar that he and his team will produce can be freely consumed by diabetics because – he claims and we quote – it will not impact the blood sugar level!

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Now these are election promises that we can really work with!

Let’s make Dr. Moazzam Niazi so famous that by the end of this week every Pakistani knows him. In fact let’s go a step further and demand Dr. Moazzam Niazi as the next Prime Minister of Pakistan!

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Dr. Niazi, may your politics prosper and may you stand tall with the most revered of Pakistani icons, like Tahir Shah.

Much love! Much, much love!