Poland Based Pakistani, Dr. Ali Jawaid & Dutch-Pakistani, Dr. Suleman Shahid Team Up To Enrich VR Based Dementia Treatment

ali jawaid suleman shahid dementia
Image Source: Suleman Shahid Instagram/Ali Jawaid Twitter

Ali Jawaid, a Pakistani neuroscience professor and medical doctor based in Poland teamed up with a Dutch-Pakistani professor at LUMS, Dr Suleman Shahid to revolutionize dementia treatment.

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These two professors have joined forces to work towards environmental enrichment in humans through virtual reality. They are working to effectively treat dementia, an ailment that deteriorates the patients’ neurological conditions over time.


Dementia affects 35 million people worldwide and is currently incurable. In many cases it can be prevented with regular participation in physical, mental and social leisure activities during middle age. Research shows it is associated with up to 47% dementia risk reduction.

Jawaid and Shahid have come up with a pilot project that was published in a journal Brain Sciences. The project suggests that “VR-based environmental enrichment is safe and effective in stabilizing cognitive impairment and in improving mental wellbeing in both patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and mild dementia.”

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They are working on a multi-modal activity intervention to reduce the risk of dementia. This treatment is also known as environment enrichment, which has shown promising results.

Their research and development has appeared as a beacon of hope for those who have family members suffering from the neurological condition. Their project has potential to change the game around dementia and bring cure to the disease that till date cannot be cured.


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