Pakistani Bruce Lee, Rashid Naseem Nails It Again, Breaks Indian Record Of Crushing Most Walnuts With One Elbow

Rashid Naseem Walnuts
Image Source: Newsline Pk

Rashid Naseem, the proclaimed Pakistani Bruce Lee, made a new world record as he broke the most number of walnuts in a minute by using only one elbow. He cracked 315 walnuts in sixty seconds and smashed an Indian’s previous world record of breaking 279 walnuts in the alloted time.

Rashid Naseem cracking open walnuts
Image Source: YouTube

In the past, Rashid had secured this world record twice. However, an Indian martial artist, Prabhakar Reddy broke his first record of crushing 195 walnuts in a minute as he crushed 229 walnuts at the same time.

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Later, Rashid Naseem hit back at Reddy with full force and surpassed his record by smashing open 256 walnuts in the record time. However, Prabhakar’s student overtook his record and achieved the target of breaking 279 walnuts in the given time.

Now that Naseem has reclaimed the title, it is being said that his name will be given to Guinness World Records, who will first review his efforts and then give their nod of approval for the accolade.

Looking at his strength and determination to come back with full force, it won’t be wrong to say that he’s one hell of a guy.

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So far Naseem has set 70 international records, some of which include crushing most walnuts in a minute with one hand (284), cracking open 49 watermelons with the head in 30 seconds, smashing most soda cans with the elbow in one minute (77), also nailing the highest number of nunchaku hits in one minute (350) and the list includes many more records.

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