9 Myths About Fighting Coronavirus That You Should NOT Pay Any Heed To!

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Scientists around the world are currently scrambling to find the treatment for COVID-19. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, social media is filled with myths and false information leaving many of us completely baffled!

Here is a list of 9 myths about fighting coronavirus that are nothing but false information!

1. Drinking hot water kills the coronavirus.

Medical experts and World Health Organisation (WHO) have debunked this myth. Drinking hot water has no proven effect on the virus.

2. Gargles help in fighting the novel coronavirus.

That’s not true. There is no evidence that gargling with warm water and salt or vinegar eliminates the coronavirus.


3. Taking hot showers prevents you from falling victim to COVID-19.

Taking a shower with extremely hot water can damage your skin. The body temperature gets back to normal no matter how much hot water you expose your body to.


4. The coronavirus cannot survive in extreme weather conditions.

From the evidence so far, coronavirus continues to spread in areas with both hot and cold atmospheric conditions. So, there is no truth to this and you do not need to move to any other place.


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5. Using hair dryers and hand dryers wipe out any traces of the coronavirus.

According to the WHO, the virus cannot be killed by hand dryers and it appears that it can survive both in hot temperatures and in cold temperatures.


6. Ultraviolet disinfection lamps kill the new coronavirus.

According to the WHO, you should not expose your skin to UV lamps as they can cause skin irritation.


7. Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body kills the deadly coronavirus.

While alcohol and chlorine can be used to disinfect the surfaces, you should NOT use them directly on your body. They can neither prevent nor kill if the virus has already entered your body.


8. Eating garlic or onion can help prevent coronavirus infection.

While onion and garlic have other health benefits, there is no evidence that they can cure/prevent coronavirus infection. They are otherwise important to boost the immune system.

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9. Pneumonia vaccines protect you against the novel coronavirus.

As of yet, there is no vaccine available in the market to protect you against coronavirus.


Do you know of any other myths around fighting coronavirus circulating online? Share them in the comments below!