Zoheb Hassan & Anil Kapoor Give South Asians Friendship Goals As They Break Bread In London

zoheb hassan and anil kapoor
Source: Zoheb Hassan's Instagram

Pakistani pop star, Zoheb Hassan and Indian actor Anil Kapoor recently posed for a picture together in London. The two veteran artists have known each other since Hassan and his sister, Nazia made a huge mark across the border in the 1980’s.

The caption on the picture read, “Meeting up with a good friend in London after a long time.”

-Zoheb Hassan

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In times when Pakistanis and Indians seem to be consumed with hate for each other and artists on both sides of the border are regularly engaging in name-calling, Zoheb Hassan and Anil Kapoor have set a brave precedent by posting a picture together on social media.

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With this simple image of two old friends catching up over food, the 52 year-old Zoheb and 62 year-old Anil have given out a powerful message of friendship and respect to South Asians.

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Here’s to friends who don’t allow hate to meddle with their cherished bonds!

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