Scholar Yuen Yuen Ang Schools Reema Omer On Misquoting Her Book & Netizens Jumped In With Witty Remarks

Reema Omer Yuen Ang
Image Source: News 360/Twitter

Pakistani analyst, Reema Omer, who is notorious for being in the headlines for many reasons once again became a top trend on Twitter last night. All of this happened when she misquoted a book while talking about corruption in China, but this time around the author Yuen Yuen Ang came forward to correct her once and for all.

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Well, to give you a context behind this interaction, what happened was that Omer has always been a believer that the main reason for the development of China is that it did not stop corruption in its institutions. So, to prove her point, the lawyer referred to the book China’s Gilded Age by Yuen Yuen Ang during a Twitter conversation and quoted the author saying that “access money” fuelled rapid growth in countries like the United States (US) and China.

After she tweeted the statement, some of the Twitter users came out to correct her and tell her that she had taken the concept of connection between development and corruption in China completely out of context.

As Reema Omer did not stop arguing with the social media users who tried to correct her notion, the scholar Yuen Yuen Ang decided to defend her case in the court of the internet.

“My book maintains that all corruption, like drugs, is harmful. Access money generates growth with distortions, risks, and inequality”, she wrote in the caption.

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As the debate went on, Columnist Khurram Husain chipped in to defend Reema’s comment over corruption in China.

While the debate unfolded, Pakistanis blew up Twitter with hilarious content to make light of Omer’s comments.

If you know, you know 😉

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