Mall Road Protest: Here Is What The Twitterati Had To Say!

Mall Road Protest
Image Source: Dunya TV OINN

18 political parties gathered yesterday at the Mall Road, Lahore to take down the Punjab government. Here is a look at what Pakistanis had to say on twitter about the Mall Road Protest.

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This is how Murtaza Ali Shah was able to witness the proceedings.

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Others certainly had a different picture to share.

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This, when someone’s past is difficult to forget!

This when Moeed Pirzada couldn’t help but praise Asif Ali Zardari!

This, when minutes before announcing his resignation from the National Assembly, Sheikh Rasheed decided to settle his score with Rana Sanaullah!

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This is how Maryam Nawaz Sharif reacted to the Mall Road Protest.

When Gharida Farooqi was able to highlight a difference between leading opposition parties and take PPP’s reaction on Imran Khan’s “Laanat” comment!

When a PML-N supporter thought they had won the battle!

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Only a few hours back Chairman PTI, Imran Khan tweeted perhaps, to indicate that it’s not over yet!

On a completely different note someone was able to spot  Kareena Kapoor in the Mall Road Protest!

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