Asma Jan To Represent Pakistan In The World Road Cycling Championship In Belgium

Asma Jan cyclist
Image Source: Geo

Pakistan’s 45-year-old cyclist, Asma Jan has been selected to represent the country in the World Road Cycling Championship, which will be held in Belgium this month. Jan will be a part of the four-member cycling team.

Jan is a mother of three, who aspires to fulfill her granddad’s dream by winning the competition. Her grandfather made a name for himself in this sport, but he was unable to live his one big dream, therefore, the cyclist has taken it upon herself to do this for him.

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Asma’s grandfather was selected for the Olympics and was Punjab’s champion at that time. Unfortunately, World War II began and he couldn’t make it to the multi-national event.

“Now, I feel that I have to achieve that dream and do that unfinished job. This gives me more motivation, to go and represent Pakistan at the world event is a step towards achieving my nana’s dreams,” Asma told geo news in an interview.

Asma Jan claimed that her grandfather, Mehta Abdul Khaliq, during his time, was a renowned cyclist of the Indian subcontinent.

“I want to be a better version of myself every time I am on the track, participating or practicing – I want to beat myself. So, I will be competing against myself. If I could beat myself, then I will be happy,” Asma said.

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The World Road Cycling Championship is scheduled to be held in Flanders, Belgium, from 16 to 25 September 2021, and Asma Jan has promised to give her best in the competition.

Women’s cycling in Pakistan is still relatively a new thing but the cyclists hope their participation will pave the way for more female participation in cycling in the future.

This is definitely a good start and hopefully, this opportunity will continue to get better in the future.

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