“You’re Not A Social Media Influencer, You’re The President,” Pakistanis Remind Arif Alvi Amid Congregational Prayers Row

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Source: Dawn

On Wednesday, Dr. Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan, requested religious scholars to immediately put a stop to congregational prayers across the country. His request came amid the lockdown in several cities and as a precautionary measure to control the spread of the virus.

Many countries in the world including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Kuwait and Turkey have already stopped congregational prayers in mosques.

President Arif Alvi gathered a huge amount of criticism after his request to the religious leaders to temporarily stop congregational prayers in mosques.

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Twitterati were enraged that in this crisis situation, the President instead of giving an order was making meek requests.


Many called him out for delaying the decision and putting the lives of thousands at risk.

Some are holding the Prime Minister responsible for not giving prompt orders amid the outbreak.

“You are not a social media influencer, you are the President,” one netizen reminded Arif Alvi.

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While the federal government continues to drag its feet on the matter, Sindh has taken lead in banning congregations across the province.

Balochistan, too, has followed suit and decided that only 3 to 5 persons, designated for the mosque will offer prayers in congregation while the people at large will offer prayers inside their homes.

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