You Won’t Believe It, Imam Ul Haq Still Loves To Play This Prank On Others!

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Image Source: Bol News

You won’t believe it, but left-handed Pakistani batsman, Imam ul Haq has this naughty side to him that drives him to play a prank on others.

Yes, the twenty-five-year-old loves to rekindle old memories by ringing doorbells and running away to annoy people.


Well, tbh, this sure is hell lotta fun and who doesn’t like to have a laugh or two.

The Pakistani batsman spilled the beans on his childishness during an interview with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

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During an online show Off the Pitch, Imam answered some funny questions where he said,

“I still do it.” “When someone opens the door and asks me whether I saw who did it, I act as if I am unaware and say: ‘I don’t know.'”


Continuing in the same breath, the cricketer said he’s quite a prankster off the field and likes to have fun with his teammates.

“Off the field, I don’t try to think about cricket that much,” he said.

Later on in the interview, Imam said that watching himself bat makes him smile.

“I smile when I know in my head that I’m hitting well,” he remarked.

When asked what irritates him the most, the cricketer stated that waking up to a large number of messages is “extremely bothersome.”


Imam’s favourite superhero is Batman, and if there’s one talent he’d like to have, it’s the ability to disappear.

He laughed and replied, “I’d like to know everyone’s secrets.”


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