You Should Totally Watch These Netflix Exclusive Shows If You Haven’t Yet

Netflix Exclusive Shows
Source: What's on Netflix, Adweek, The TeCake & Netflix

Netflix is known for putting out a seemingly endless stream of award-winning dramas, true-crime documentaries, children’s programs, sitcoms, and superhero thrillers. The following is a list of Netflix exclusive shows that are worth a watch!

1. Narcos

The major focus of this show is to emphasize the consequences of the international drug trade while also recounting the notorious narrative of Pablo Escobar’s rise and fall. The show’s scope is vast but primarily, it focuses more on the utilization of old news videos. The third season takes a slight detour, concentrating on what transpired after Escobar died. The show got canceled after Season 3. However, it was relaunched in 2018 as Narcos: Mexico, with a fresh concept and setting.

Netflix Exclusive Shows Narcos
Source: NME

2. BoJack Horseman

BoJack is a comedy about humanoid animals. It serves as a harsh reflection of life. Still, it’s one of the funniest series on television.

BoJack Horseman
Source: Global Village Space

3. Orange Is the New Black (OITNB)

Though later seasons had problems, the initial episodes of OITNB captivated us all. The show comprises of clever storytelling and compelling characters. It is ultimately up to you whether you consider it a drama or a comedy. After all, it has received Emmy awards for both.

Netflix Exclusive Shows Orange is the new black
Source: Beaver Tales

4. Stranger Things

Strange Things is a story of a group of friends who are caught up in a strange conspiracy involving government spies, psychic youngsters, and inter-dimensional creatures. The series has a perfect mix of humor, empathy and awkwardness.

Netflix Exclusive Shows Stranger Things
Source: Netflix

5. The Witcher

The Witcher is a Netflix program with ten episodes available right now. It is based on the books that also inspired a video game franchise. The show stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. The leading character then is a magical mutant “Witcher” who hunts objects, drinks too many potions, and grunts “hmmm” a lot.

The Witcher
Source: Variety

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6. The Crown

The narrative of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign has won several honors since its first season was aired in 2016. The script is superb, the acting is superb, and the cinematography too is superb. All of this then contribute to the development of a program i.e. admired even by people who are generally hesitant to give historical dramas a chance.

Netflix Exclusive Shows The Crown
Source: The TeCake

7. Bridgerton

The show is a story of Violet Bridgerton and her struggles following the death of her husband. The first season shows how her friendship with Daphne Bridgerton blossoms into love.

Source: Adweek

8. Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai is the leading character of the show who is determined to avenge his defeat against Johnny Lawrence in the Valley Karate Tournament, some 30 years later!

Cobra Kai
Source: What’s on Netflix

9. On My Block

“On My Block” follows four intelligent, street-savvy friends. The series is one of the funniest Netflix exclusive shows out there.

On My Block
Source: TV Series Finale

10. Russian Doll

This critically praised series follows a lady who is trapped in a time loop and who keeps reliving her birthday night and well, keeps dying over and over again!

Russian Doll
Source: Vulture

How many of these Netflix exclusive shows have you watched? Let us know in the comments.