Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Pakistan You Probably Didn’t Know

Pakistan Interesting Facts
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Pakistan is known worldwide for its rich cultural heritage, a fascinating history and a unique geographical location. Nevertheless, there is a lot more that the country has on offer and so, here is a look at ten interesting facts about Pakistan.

1. Pakistan Produces 40-60 Million Footballs Each Year!

Pakistan is the world’s largest manufacturer of hand-sewn footballs. Local manufacturers in the region produce 40-60 million footballs every year. This accounts for about 50-70 percent of global output. There are presently around 200 football manufacturers in Pakistan. Most of them though are situated in the Sialkot city of its Punjab province.

Football Pakistan Manufacturers
Source: DW

2. Home To The Tallest Mountains

Pakistan is home to some of the world’s tallest mountains. K2 which perhaps is the most popular of them all is the second highest peak in the world. It stands 8,611 meters (28,251 feet) tall.

K2 mountain
Source: The News International

3. World’s Highest ATM

Speaking of heights, the National Bank of Pakistan has the world’s highest ATM, located in Gilgit-Khunjerab Baltistan’s Pass. It was built in November 2016 and is located 15,397 feet above sea level.

Pakistan Interesting Facts World's Highest ATM
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4. Home To One Of History’s Earliest Civilizations

Mehrgarh, is currently thought to be 7000 BCE old. Considered to be one of the oldest civilizations ever, it provides evidence of cultivation and herding.

Pakistan Interesting Facts Mehrgarh
Source: Wikipedia

5. The Largest Volunteer Ambulance Service In The World

Pakistan’s Edhi Foundation operates the world’s largest volunteer ambulance service, a record it has maintained since 1997. It operates a 24-hour emergency ambulance service and other services such as homeless housing, free health care, drug rehabilitation, orphanage and adoption services. It also provides local and international disaster assistance.

Khadim Rizvi Edhi
Source: Samaa TV

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6. The Fourth-largest Irrigation System

Agriculture provides a living for the majority of Pakistan’s people. The government needed to construct a sophisticated irrigation system to grow 202,000 square kilometers of land. The irrigation system is located in the Indus Basin.

Pakistan Irrigation System
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7. World’s Second Largest Salt Mines

The Khewra Mines in Pakistan produce 325,000 tonnes of salt per year. Alexander’s army found the area when their horses began licking the salts. The massive mines have almost 40 kilometers of tunnels as well as a beautiful mosque.

Khewra Salt Mine
Source: The Express Tribune

8. Home To The Youngest Nobel Laureate

Everyone has heard about Malala Yousufzai who is an activist for female education. Her struggle for the cause that started while she was still very young has allowed her to become the world’s youngest Nobel Laureate.

Malala Yousafzai
Source: Asia News

9. Pakistan Has A Special Meaning!

Pakistan derives its name from the Persian words Pak, which means “pure,” and Stan, which means “country of .”

Pakistan Flag
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10. One Of The World’s Biggest Forest

Changa Manga forest was named after two brothers who were dacoits. The world’s former biggest forest, is located in Pakistan (12,423 acres). British foresters began developing the forest in 1866.

Pakistan Interesting Facts Changa Manga
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