Global Uproar As ZARA Head Designer, Vanessa Perilman Sends Hate Messages To Palestinian Model, Qaher

ZARA Palestinian model
Image Source: Cosmopolitan, D management

Global netizens have called to boycott ZARA after their head designer, Vanessa Perilman, sent hate messages to Palestinian model, Qaher.

The Palestinian cause is still an ongoing debate, and people often engage in heated conversations over the issue online. One such similar incident unfolded between a Palestinian model and the Spanish shopping giant’s head designer.

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Perilman spewed racism, hate, and Islamophobia in her messages to Qaher over his support of the Palestinian cause.

ZARA Palestinian model
Image Source: Instagram

In Perilman’s opinion when the model called Israel an ‘evil’ country, he was lying and being unfair. She went on to validate Israeli atrocities in Gaza and attacked his Muslim faith.

According to her being a Muslim and a model didn’t go together. In addition to that, she blatantly stated that he’d be ‘stoned to death if he were to come out of the closet in any Muslim country.’

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Soon after, thousands of people across the globe started reaching out to ZARA via email to have its comment on the issue and to demand a justification for one of their head’s loathsome actions.

Following a social media outrage, ZARA responded to one of the emails saying they have opened an internal investigation to address the problem properly. 

ZARA’s email stated that Qaher and Perilman contacted one another and that the latter had apologized to the former. Furthermore, they said that ZARA is a diverse company, representing many nationalities, that does not tolerate discrimination.

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People have since then not bought this dismal apology, adding that they’re waging a global boycott on ZARA till the time they sack Perilman.

Twitterati are absolutely stupefied by ZARA’s response and they are demanding an actual apology.

#BoycottZara has become one of the ruling trends as thousands have taken to Twitter to demand justice from the fashion giant.

How do you think ZARA can show its support to the Palestinian model? Let us know in the comments.