With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, Take This Quiz To Find Your Super Power Now!

Super Power Quiz
Source: Phys.org, Hoard's Dairyman, Technogym & The Spruce Eats

This fun quiz will reveal your true super power, all you have to do is answer some random questions. Take this quiz to find out now.

Pick your favorite Pakistani drama.

sakina raqeeb se

Pick your favorite Pakistani city.

Pakistani Cities

Choose a snack.

Namak Paray

Pick a weekend activity.

Sleeping Myths Watching TV
Margala Hills, Places Pakistan

What is your favorite color?

Grey Color Gray
White Color
Yellow Color
Pink Color Food
Black Background

What's your best quality?

What is your best quality

Pick a food you could eat every day.

Swiss Cheese
french fries
Ice-cream Flavors

Pick a random image.

Random Images
Random Images
Random Images

What's your worst fear?

Fear of Death

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee or Tea?

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, Take This Quiz To Find Your Super Power Now!
You can see the future!

Seeing the Future

You have super instincts and an analytical mind. Your superpower would be the ability to see the future. I hope you use your power to prevent a war or a disaster.
You're immortal!


The people around you might say you're overconfident and, you probably feel invincible at times. This is why you would have immortality as a superpower. You're going to live forever and probably see the planet turn to dust, that got dark really quick!
You're invisible!


You're extremely cautious and, you can keep secrets. This is why invisibility is the ideal superpower for you. You could sneak up on anyone whenever you wanted. I still don't know why my fridge's door keeps opening by itself.

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